Lucas Rumney

Creative Software Engineer 路 Systems Humanist 路 Craftsman Futurist

馃憢 Hello!

I love developing interactive Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. I use various techniques like compute shaders, shaders, procedural motion, and simulation to create engaging visuals. I constantly push myself to learn more to improve my own output and to enable the people around me to do the same. I enjoy crafting unique experiences that spark joy and provoke thought. Check out some of my work below! In my freetime, I also enjoy writing and collecting media.

Interactive Confetti

Houdini 路 VEX 路 Unity 路 Compute Shader

  • Simulation
  • Procedural Control
  • VR Hand Interaction Design

Balloon Release

Houdini 路 VEX 路 Mantra 路 Nuke

  • Procedural Controls
  • Visual Design
  • Rendering and Compositing

Screen Shatter

Houdini 路 VEX 路 Retimer 路 VAT 路 Unity

  • Variation and Physical Study
  • Retimer Study
  • Output to Vertex Animated Texture